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Dan the Hat...

Having grown up in England, Wales and a tiny island in the


Caribbean, Dan didn't really delve into the world of circus until he


was 15 years old. Even then it didn't become a 'job' until he was


28... a late starter by many peoples reckoning. After trying


Cookery, Lifeguarding, Building, Bar work, Silver service waiting,


more Cookery and more Bar work Dan realised that maybe he


had a gift for making people laugh.......


The rest is history.....

Comedy & Skills

Dan is a Juggler,Comedian & Stupid Stuntman ,although there is a


lot more on offer than that! How does one half of a 'Comedy


Cow' duo sound? Or a penny farthing riding 'Gentleman


Juggler' ? Or even one half of a 'Juggling & Scratch DJ' act?


Whatever you book him to do, you can rest easy knowing that       

his shows are for Kids AND adults alike. As well as that ,expect


audience interaction (lots of it), 'off the wall' improvisation ,


more laughs than you can shake a stick at and a humour set at


two for the kids,and one for the bigger kids!